Ice Chimes A winter sculpture reinterpreting a natural process for a city landscape


We are a design oriented architecture firm in Boston, Massachusetts with an interest in generating unique projects than enliven our urban and rural environments.  Some of our past conceptual projects are: the ZipCar Dispenser, the Urban Hookah, the River Genie and the Urban Rack.  In 2010 we collaborated with Princeton Architectural Press on a publication of similarly motivated projects titled (Small Scale: Creative Solutions for Better City Living).  In 2012 we reviewed rural projects from around the world in a collection titled (Contemporary Follies), Monacelli Press.

This winter are working with Michael Taylor of the Hood Museum and builder O’Hara & Gercke to bring the Ice Chimes to the Dartmouth College.  Winter 2012 we worked with the Greenway Conservancy and Payne/Bouchier Fine Builders to build the Ice Chimes sculpture on Boston’s Greenway Park.

The Ice Chimes was initially developed through a series of office brainstorming sessions as we considered how we might design an urban project based on ice and snow.  We studied ice storms and icicles and became fascinated with the delicate beauty of winter ice.  We reinterpreted this process into a sculptural concept making the process of ice growth visible and celebrated.

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